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“SO, WHAT YOU DO” asked the elderly person sitting next to me in bank waiting lounge. Apparently his curiosity was piqued by the books I was carrying.

“I AM A SOFTWARE & SYSTEMS ARCHITECT”!! It was a quick reply with the assumption that “software” would explain it clearly and is sort of jargon free. But then the next innocent questioned stumped me — WHAT DOES AN ARCHITECT DO?

How do you explain your job to someone who is not from your field?

“City planners” is a popular metaphor for system architects but it exudes more negative vibes given the sorry…

Image source — Daily Mail. Fast food lovers queue at McDonalds before UK shutdown

If you feel like impressing or scaring the candidate in a technical interview (NEVER DO IT) then this question may top the lists.

“What is the difference between concurrent execution and parallel execution”.

There is something about concurrency and parallelism concept. It just doesn’t lands in the initial learning. Every revisit of the topic gives you a false feeling of clarity and with a new twisted scenario, the confusion surges its ugly head back.

I don’t belong to that elite developer group who wrote games at age of 10 or wrote a new operating system before they hit 15. Hence…

Probably this is how an inaccessible website feels like to a visually impaired person.

The problem is not just about an exclusion of a group but has severe financial implications. As per results from the 2019 Click-Away Pound Survey, UK retailers lose £17 billion years by ignoring accessibility needs.

But haven’t we solve the problem of inaccessibility? Technically yes, but in reality a sad NO. Everyone knows that alt-text attribute of an image tag in html makes images accessible but the cost to do it is too high.

Accessibility solutions exists but most of them are unaffordable. …

Image credit— Nikin from Pixabay

Effective prototyping is the first step to success. While it is easy for designers to flesh them out in vector based UX toolkits like Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma and the likes, But it is not so easy for developers to quickly convert those designs into working code. The ability to export a design from a design tool into HTML, no doubt, tremendously helps accelerate the prototyping.

Genus, is an open source plugin made for Sketch which enables one to quickly export an HTML version of your design.

Why make a Sketch plugin

In spite of many competing platforms like — Adobe XD, Figma, Invision Studio

Prototyping a web application is more about ideas than mere sketching wireframes. The biggest barrier to effective prototyping is time and cost. idea2Life is an AI powered rapid prototyping to lower the barrier of prototyping.

With idea2Life, you can create fully functional static websites by just clicking a picture.

Speed is key for fast prototyping and that tenet has been followed in all aspects of the applications. It takes only one command the run the application.

How to install/upgrade idea2Life

  1. Install docker.
  2. Clone the repository from github
git clone

3. Change your current working directory to idea2Life repo folder

4. Build the…

Some of the simple tasks for humans can be very tedious for machines. Image cropping is one of them. It's quite easy for human to identify the important area in a photo and decide the parts to retain or crop. But for machines, it is quite difficult.

Katna is a python based open source smart image cropping tool that can intelligently identify important elements of an image and retain it during cropping. Katna content — aware algorithm can also retain important texts in the image.

Let us do this exercise — Watch this video and find out which frames are concise representation of the full video.

While watching the entire video, scrubbing frame by frame or pausing at right moment to get an unblurry frame is OK for few videos, the process becomes unimaginable at scale.

How can we automate the repetitive tasks?

Key Frame extraction is the process of extracting frame or set of frames that have a good representation of a shot. It must preserve the salient feature of the shot, while removes most of the repeated frames.

Video is a massive…

“Robot kills colleague at volkswagen”, This news was everywhere in 2015 fuelling the intense speculation about robots taking over the world. We have entered the smart computing age and there is no going back. It is unfortunate that recent debates about the future of jobs have mainly focused on whether or not they are at risk of automation. Is the fourth industrial revolution (machine age) a capitalist dream or worker nightmare? How many middle class jobs will soon be eliminated? While these are valid questions, they blind us from the benefits and make us doubt the benefits of change.


image source:

“Disrupt, or get disrupted,” John Chambers, executive chairman and former CEO of Cisco, said during his conversation with CNBC’s Tyler Mathisen.

While innovation is key to success in the digital era, It is being made to believe that innovation is only possible if you change your business is some radical way-”disrupt yourself”. Unfortunately the results are not so encouraging. As per McKinsey research, 94% C level executive are not happy with their innovation effort. 60–70% of disruptive ideas fails. Are there other models of innovation?

Why disruptive innovation fails for few?

Disruptive innovation approach is most of the time justified…

Technology has a weird pattern — In the beginning it solves a problem and later on itself becomes a problem.

Why do we need to take out our mobile phones and press a button to switch ON the lights- smart lights? Why do we need to take out smart phone to switch ON the AC — smart AC? Why do we need to take out our mobile phone to check the weather to carry an umbrella — smart umbrella? We all have been shown the so called future by this and so many similar looking pictures all the time.



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